Bone Yard – Chairman’s Corner

After reading the article written by David Devereaux, Spokesperson for the National Council of Clubs, I was of course, angry about the Sheriffs statement “Bad things happen to bad people”

I knew Paul well. I can’t imagine a better role model, or a better example of a “Real” American.

Paul Wasn’t a politician trying to scare people by suggesting untruths to get folks to vote for him so that his budget would be increased and a lot of equipment, not needed, can be ordered at the tax payers expense. Who knows, without an investigation, where the profits actually end up. I don’t mean a white wash Federal investigation like in Waco where the Sheriff and the Fed seem to be scratching each others back. In talking about “Branch Davidians” and the Confederation of Clubs Murders and Million dollar bail, The sheriff spoke like a man aspiring to get votes to run for an even higher office someday.

There seems to be an element in this country, perhaps in law enforcement, perhaps in government. This element seems to be defining for the rest of us, who the ”Bad People” are and who the “Good People” are. It would seem the “Good People” are excused from insulting, or in the case of “Waco” even killing and holding on a million in bail (same as no bail) Those that they have convinced, the naive public are “Bad People”.

These are my thoughts and I am not always 100% right. In all fairness, I would like to allow Sheriff Nocco an opportunity to apologize to the family of Paul Anderson, The American Outlaw Association and other veterans who have also served their country with pride. I couldn’t find any kind of record of the Sheriff serving his country and perhaps he doesn’t understand our respect for a veteran, especially a combat wounded veteran.

I voted for the Sheriff and am a tax paying resident of Pasco County. I’ve made mistakes before and if the Sheriff feels he has made a mistake or two, I would hope he is a big enough man to admit it and make amends.

The Deputies and other police did a professional job handling traffic during the funeral pack. I know the pack was long. I know a lot of these officers are also Vets, and it is not necessary to say this, but Thanks for your professionalism at the funeral and thanks for your service.

Outlaw Coach – 1%
Vet U.S.M.C. 66-70
Vietnam 67/68
Co-Chair West Florida Council of Clubs

The Council believes in the Constitution and the Bill of rights. We Respect all Clubs that we believe that a grown man knows the difference between right and wrong. He doesn’t need Barney Fife of Mayberry to tell him the difference. When the law is right, we will all agree.